Monday, August 16, 2010

Month of Ramadhan

HappY Fasting to All muslims =))

May the Month brings more happiness and goodness to everyone Amin!


" To the 7th Sky on the 7th Month..."

Its been a while, inda update the blog huhu I have so many things in my mind!
owh my last post was in may and now in august sudahhhhhh ;( ..

today is 16th august and yesterday was 15th August. ;))

many good things happened around me and some are not..thats normal..But for sure
every day from 'the day', I just feel thats Im bless with Lovess. Im thank Allah for every of the moments.

Time flies so fast....
next month will be september october.....and then
sure i will keep counting the month after month....until 'the day' comes again ..

:: Before I met you... I never Knew What It was Like, to look at Someone...
and Smile For No Reason...::

:: kerana Cinta ku , Engkau selalu ada dalam Doa ku ::

Salam Sayang