Saturday, December 27, 2008

.....F2 racing Car...

was very busy for the last few days..Tt n my coursemate, Fung Li we finally decided to join n work on the F2 since Dr.voo offered us to join..and we only up to testing,connecting and creating the circuit using software for the sensor and motor..

biasa ehhe banyak2 be-cerita lagi ada technical problems lagi, error lagi laptop lagging lagi eheh salah=p yata 3 days frm morning til afternoon we stayed di lab hasil nya tahap semut jaa eheh sedikit baa=D

First day , tested n connected the sensor..

3rd day --give a pose while waiting for others to come ehehe..
connect n testing the motor--- byk probz nya ne huhu..yata this tues lagi we gonna try to update and fix the tech prob=D