Friday, December 19, 2008

Renungan Bersama

"Big or small….

The difference is only u can make........"

whenever we felt down coz we think that we are not as good as others or there is nothing that we good at..remember that each of us born with keistemewaan n kekurangan masing2 so wen u think that u're lack of many skills or things..just dont think like so coz u surely have something but just becoz u're upset u totally forget what is in u....In fact we are all the same its just u, ur thinking urself can make changes...

untuk ingatan bersama ..tulus ikhlas(ehehe salah=p)

This Phrase I took it from one of the tv may sounds funny tapi~ I got it from cerita 12 princess cerita Barbie =) percaya or not?ehehe ..Believe me when I watched cartoon stories like one of it Barbie laa..grenti ada kata-kata hikmah yang best they include in the show..yataa I alwez feel that cerita2 cani nie actually good not only cute yelaa nama jua cartoon =p and at one point relevant stories could bring up motivation n spirit jua..

[cerita Barbie(princess) It reminds me masa liat ceta Barbie with adek2 di lambak with Alai aisyah,intan, adek lina.sis bibie edah eheh..]