Monday, July 20, 2009

NBT treasure Hunt _^)v

Activity : NBT Treasure HunT
Theme : Pirate Caribbean huhuhu ;p
our Team No: 169
MemBers: SaiFul, FatHi fuad, Yanne and ofcoz Me ;)

yeay it was fun from de 1st day we had short briefing on friday 10th july sampai laaa Tyme 12th july atu on wich we had de real hunt ;) ...Everyone sporting and relax jeee even taa weather panas ..kami ayung2 dlm keta huhuhu coz we read write and think while keta moving on ..but still gve everyone in ma team gve de best ehehhe...some ques nya very tricky like we all think too deep and complicated baaa padahal de answer dapan mata wahahah n simple ..bsically we know de pattern of de game n ques nya sooo..if gt a chance to juin next yer ehehhe hope sooo then insya manang nie ehhehehe * macam banar * ;p people out there if u guys gt a chance to join the toyota NBT do experience ehhhehe~ ..beli keta from toyota taaa ku nie ehhehe ober ;p

With Tyrah ehehhehe ;)
TyRah, Fathi,Yanne & Cepole

Pirates On the Stage ;p

Team with De Car --169

On The Briefing Day _^)v