Monday, June 8, 2009

Concert Violin and PiNano hehehe_^)v

Date : 6th June 2009 kami attend a concert of violin and piano solos and duets at the Orchid Garden Hotel ...All i can say it was really fun + melodi nya atu heehehhehe touching baa~ inda Rugi kami meliat ehehehe ngam taa jua if student ada discount atu wakakaak~ ..ramai jua kami dalam 11 frens laaa ..Nad bEqah Sut Nina Tyrah ReHan RyNA NiJAH Cuz NijaH n niece sut HaDa N eLLa...

Here , profile of the violinist n pianist that i get frm Brunei Times ehehhe ..copy paste saja nie =D

See-Schierenberg is a British violinist of Chinese-Malaysian and German descent. He was awarded a scholarship to the Royal College of Music in London at the age of 16. Throughout his performing career, See-Schierenberg has always been committed to music education and has held teaching posts, such as at the Trinity College of Music in London.....[=) ehehhe napa ya ada smile atu a haahha]...

Btw tHE presenter of the Nyte ..Susana is a wife to sebastian See-Schierenberg...suweet drg ani ehehhe ...=)

Pianist Oyaguez, who is a native of Spain, has performed extensively in Europe and the United States as a soloist, recitalist, chamber music pianist and a vocal accompanist.

A graduate of Yale University with a Master of Music postgraduate degree, Oyaguez also studied piano performances and conducting with a number of professors at the University of California. He was the first prize winner in the 1996 Santa Barbara Performing Arts Foundation Competition and is a recipient of several grants from the Esperia Foundation.....[ ani frenly berabish n iski jua ya take pic sama kami ehehehhe]

Insya ada Tt upload tu a photos2 kami tym dt nyte ngam taa kami makan malam g tu wakakakka di mameh sorg2 baa lapar cia jua kami tu a hahah ..baa nanti kan keluaran akan dtg a photos kami nie ada haahha ~ busy dikit baa diz weeek~ hehehehe lalalalal~