Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Heart ..with You ^ ^

People tend to make mistakes
Along the journey you may not be perfect ..
Love is a magic ...

What makes him Hurt and when know Its hurt Him ..
deep inside you also hurt cause you feel that pain tooo

Now that you realize ...happiness of yours ..
You can gain through his Laugh..his Smile..

Feeling of being away from him...sad you..
but somehow ..inside you feel warm cause he soo close to Your Heart Always..

Forgive and Forget..
Lve Always Dear Rahman ;)

Friday, January 22, 2010

How I wish stays the same ...
Time ..I just dont get You...

Monday, January 18, 2010


Allah's Fate..Meeting in this small world
Different Time and Space..
Let the force of B-M keep its strength..Always
and believe the fact of the Aerodynamic Turbine

Fifteen January two thousand ten..Eleven thirteen

With Love ^_^

I know Its a bit Late for me to say Happy new Year 2010 *ahaahha tau takpe*..Today tiba2 the whole day saye sungguh rajin and i tink today is a bit productive day for me ahahaha =D ..I know semester starts since a week ago and now baru taa mcm kan fokus berabis ..but yes atleast I gain the positive momentum back and trying to push it till end..;)

Talking about New Year ..Living in 2010 but memories from 2009 still linger in my head and keeping them in my heart ;)

Some Of memories that I can recall tym ini :

-- Officially ABC dapat nama which stands for Antah Berantah Crew ..Thankz Girls for all the lovely time and memories ..Sayang kamu semua!! and kamu buat Hari hari Saya meriah sekali ;P

-- And to sut and Tyrah happy coz kita chill di mameh or kadai dapan the arch a ahha menge-teh and ceta!!! thankz for the time..had fun and love it wen it comes to share and Care ;)

-- Year 2009 last taa im being a hostellite ..the feeling of leaving hostel can make someone cry you know!.. Lots of memories in Hostel especially with Nad,Jpong,Naina,Beqah and jai-ho that i will treasure forever.. I always miss the moments makan minum masak liat seeries arah lappy nad together2 tido..tido ahahha byk tidonya salah XD ..revise and buat kaja sama2..suka duka dihostel sama2..and i miss my roommsss jua!!! and jogging subuh2 sama nad ;p semester nie a bit tough for me coz how to say .. i put in this way laa .. u come to uni and study alone ..u do project and research alone..break time u are alone..Its really not fun at alll...before anie atleast breaktime or lunch balik sekjp khostel and lepak bilik Nad ka jpong ka and jumpa the girls dihostel liat kerenah semua pun boleh happy and hilang jua streess but now its different...ahahha baa baa emoo cia ahhaha Dush! But I always remember a fren says to me "Allah will always be with You"..This is how life works and yeay im trying to put extra positive thoughts towrds me and my time in Uni..

-- And yes year 2009 Tt rasa im more close with my coursemate ,the only coursemate i have ;) coz last semester atu we had tough courses jua kli..

--31/7/09 weeheee medah and Baque alhamdulilah menamat kan zaman bujang hehehe drg betunang and im happy for them! and also to rynaaaa ..semoga kamu sentiasa bahagia selalu hingga ke ahir nya amin!

--Congratz to Aida and Syidah for continuing master..and im glad this year Medah, aida, nurul,Cdah and Fyz even busy and jarang jumpa we still update with each other ..;)

--18.09.09 ..I dont like to say goodbye..but I dont know what is with me that time Im just afraid I wont be able to see him again..and at last i made a right decision to see him before the flight..;)
and.... Im happy till now and Forever Amin! that in this life..We are together ^_^.. Thankz Rahman Ahmad..lets fight everything till end together okay ? ehhehe ;P

Keserasian Wujud..
Suka Duka kongsi bersama..
Hari ku berwarna-warni..
Semangat mu buat ku tersenyum
Semoga perhubungan and persahabatan ini abadi...(Titty,2010)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sharing and caring grow in the Heart..
Got says that people we love is the most hard one to care..
They make you laugh and at the same time they make you cry
cause You care too much than you do to anyone else
Dont blame for the care ...Its like a bonding...
No matter where you go,the special feeling follows you
you just cant stop the run...
Till Each day you become stronger..

Salam Rindu ;)