Friday, December 26, 2008

Recipe for today...Puding Biscuit sehat _^)V

want to make dessert?? want something tasty n creamy.. puding or cake?? Here i listed few things u need to make the fast n furious pudding eheh apakanz..=D this puding sekajap tahap dewa ehe kan siap n ingredients nya pun simple to the max..

-mangkuk..hahah penting nie
-Digestives Biscuit (appoximately 10 pieces or more depends)
- 1 tin of nestle cream
-susu manis cap junjung hee..(1 or 2 teaspoon)
- n make sure icebox/refridge dlm keadaan sehat =)

serve for 4 people(depends)

basically use nestle cream and put the whole thing inside mangkuk then add 1 teaspoon of susu manis into the mangkuk..can taste the mxture..if rasa manis nya ok..ok taa tu=) tapi apa2 ani kata doctor reduce sugAr... to keep body healthy hee=)..then stir well the mixture .Then put the mixture into a container n add saja the biscuit(Layer by layer--put the biscuit down to the container first then add layer of the mixture..continuously till the mixture of cream habis)..Then keep in fridge for few minutes just to harden the layers of puding

actually this recipe told by my adek lelaki hoho..ya part2 makan +masak ya yg handal nie haha..
+ actually Tt dint know apa nama nya nie so i just called it puding..

Selamat mencuba_^)V

can add cocktails or oreo also to the puding ...nyum2=D