Saturday, October 17, 2009

...Life and Live ...

Everthing happens for reasons..
Not only beautiful things exist in life..its more than that..
Life..meeting with different people ..give Different Lessons..
Live..Not Only consider one heart but Many Heart involves..

You cannot stop walk u wanted to stop the changes..
like to avoid difficulties or being hurt...
The journey itself makes You stronger ..
It may reveals the real meaning of Life..

Life..appreciate others ..some may give same response
But u cant expect more than that...
sometyms Hurt comes into life...
Some people may have reasons ..
just forget & forgive..

Allah will awez be with us..keep Strong _^)v


You know its hard for me ..
You leave me at the time when i need u the most...
So many things happened to me now..
I wish i can bring u along to the place that i can calm myself..
but You are not here with me..
I can only see half part of u, not even half ..
Dont u know that i miss u ..
Im hoping you will get well soon and ...
laju recover baby Kia ahahhaha!!!!!

Yg berada Dworkshop =D