Thursday, January 8, 2009

Finally...lot better_^)v

Exam results have finally been released (via sms result n di hall gt results posted) kinda happy .. gt improvement in my studies/grades..i should say happy berabis coz last semester was rely tough 4 me but ma grades were best (..not to include the next sem n final year ..which i hope can be less strezz and awaits for much fun.. ..)

1st i received the sms result exactly at 3pm in lab..but before that ard 245+pm i was busy with traxmaker, did all the circuit connection then ard that tym medah did mc me and nad text me about wen the result will be basically i was focused on too many things ehehe..busy2 be msg with nad kali ma ring tone bebunyi dengan selamba ja tt open de text kali~~~~hahaha tekezut beruk +banggang liat result..heartbeat Tt stopped berabis tym atu i just stared rah ma hp screen sound no eyes blink ..then only wen leang and teck tagur Tt baru taa ..." heehhe i pass kamu ~" ..then leang kata ya nda mau read his sms result he gave us his hp so apa lagi kami liat hoho .." leang handal jua tu~ nah u should see it~" everyone nervos baa kan result + the result out this tym late sangat naleh tunggu..

..but seriously im happy n unexpected .. i tot i did badly on microprocessor .. remember back tym exam days... it was ma 1st paper tym exam ..tym exam i just put all my logic but u know u cant exactly use ur own logic wen no circuits or no components no laptop to do trial n error with the created commands/codes....3hrs we did the paper n kuar saja exam hall ...words from my mind..antam antam tawakal ja n just hoping i pass de paper just pass it bahagia taa tt dah tu hoho.. wen frenz discussed de paper thing dats make me less confident wen others said okeh jua de paper ..i just smile hoho tapi kabak2 ahahha balik hostel tarus buang tabiat lastym atu kes worried+ sedih coz tot 1st paper dah hancus ....but now happy i tink ma logic thinkg is not that bad at all ehehe=) syukur alhamdullilah~ of the activitiz did on microprocessor course..

Congratz to my frenz / dun give up to achieve de best ....alhamdulillah even ada jua dikit kan rasa not satisfied but still syukur janji pass n know that everyone did their best n geng hostel heheh girls..not only kita study sama2 go thru pain together but we also share so many feelings happy+stress+sedih+naleh bangun subuh revised ehehe ..

medah-> congratz beb ur result ok i knw mdah do de best dah ..ur subjects g lastym banyak yata pyh p yeah next sem kita insya must improve g k hhehe=) know u can beb_^)V

jpong-> ehehe jpong sanang cia atinya nie smua pass beb ..p sorry nda sure tdi ur overall hahaha mata +height ani jua baa paper results atu baa luan rendah ehehe salah=p..hepy awez jpong do best in next sem lagi kita k

nad-> hehe kes tani sama less confident but alhamdulilah ehehe hmmm.. nad nie she's type of person yg selamba berabis org lain busy study ya tido or men pinano or liat cd kekeke=) but i realised last semester nad more focus on her study compare to previous sem keep it up girl eheh bowh nad heheh atu adalah pujian for u hahaha=) p rely sungguh taa kami riuh sal ko awez kuar awal tym exam a given 3hrs grenti jua ko kuar awal 1 hr hahaha..surh revise ..liat cd ko dulu hahaha bukan apa sayg kami kan ko nad wawa=p yata selalu riuh hehe but girl u go girl caya laa beb ehehe alhamdulilah mot maths mu a kami plg nervos baa be4 result alhamdulilah finally semua ok=)

nina-> yeay nina i knw last sem nina busy with training apa but girl u did good..insya we just need to do extra effort coming semester n improve way of learning k eheheh..=) congratz naina~

last hahaha last min revise kindof trend dah n syiok jua ehhehe somehow i miss de moment=)

......chaiyoo dun give up til the very very last min... last sec ...just do the best n hoping for the best...sure good things come to us awez....._^)v